Portable Equipment



                                         Find here the equipment (and tricks) used by some experienced                                               portable activators. Please contact BOS ! if you want to add yours.



ON4VT aka OT4V Danny


Transceivers :  FT857D with Palm mini Paddle. SCU-17 for RTTY.

Common power used : 75w

Antennas : Homebrew linked dipole (link : LINKED DIPOLE) from 6 to 80 meters (Hint : Sota beams lightweight antenna wire) . Fishing rod (Hint : Decathlon Lakeside-1 Travel 600) RG58 coax line. SWR of the linked dipole is flat on all bands, NO tuner needed.


Power source : 100 Ah car battery – For SOTA and bike mobile Lifepo batteries


Logging : QW  on a mini laptop. LIVE logging on GMA if internet connection


Extra equipment : Fisher-umbrella, small picknick table and chair


Transport : Car – Bike – The RuXXac Cross


Tricks : Never be in a hurry when going out and “Keep it simple !” 




ON/Z35M Vlado

Guerilla QRP Portable

Activations : ONFF BCA BOTA (=Beaches on the Air)

Transceivers : Elecraft KX2 with internal ATU and battery, attached paddle

Common power used : 5w QRP

Antennas : Ground or bench mounted MFJ-1979, 5,2m telescopic vertical, 2.5m of RG-58 coax; Homebrew 40/30/20m tree wire verticals with 3 random lenght ground radials, directly conected to KX2.

Power source : KX2’s internal Li-Ion 2,6Ah battery

Logging : Small paper LOG

Extra equipment : Small gardener’s pad and 0.5sq m nylon cover for seating on a ground or on a bench

Transport : Mostly by bicycle or walking, sometimes by car (long distances or bad WX)

Tricks : Guerilla QRP Portable – ultra-light portable set up for more agility and flexibility. Non motorized access, fast deployment (5 min), less comfort devices, more frequent short activations (1-1.5h).


ON6UU  Frank

The early bird catches the worm

Activations : SOTA GMA

Transceivers : KX-2,  MTR-3B,  IC-703 all with homebrew paddle made out of an relay

Common power used : 5w QRP

Antennas : Homebrew linked dipole (link : LINKED DIPOLE) with fishing rod,  HF-1B,  Alexloop

Power source : KX-2 internal battery,  MTR-3B with 9V battery or 12AH gel battery,  IC-703 with 17AH gel battery or 12V car battery

Logging : Paper log

Extra equipment : Spare paddle,  umbrella,  small tent,  2 little foldable camping chairs


Transport : By car since all summits are far to go to

Tricks : The early bird catches the worm.  Start early especially when you go far so to be able to work our Belgian chasers on 80


OT6V René

The early bird catches the worm

Activations : SOTA ONFF

Transceivers : Icom 706 mk2  or  Yaesu ft 897 +at  89

Common power used : 40w 

Antennas : Homebrew linked dipoles (link : LINKED DIPOLE) for 20/40m,homebrew dipole for 80m, fishing rod 10m high

Power source : 18Ah battery for Sota activations,For onff activations 40Ah and 64Ah batteries,if the distance is not so far

Logging : Paper log

Extra equipment : Little chair (alu), little table (alu) and by bad weather an umbrella




As you can dream it, you can make it.

Activations : ONFF BCA MILLS

Transceivers : Yaesu FT 857D or Yaesu ft 817D

Common power used : 50w  or 4w

Antennas : Homebrew linked dipole for 20/40m,homebrew dipole for 80m, Spiderpole 12m high

Power source : 74Ah batteries

Logging : FLE direct on notebook

Transport : By car and walking with hand truck

Extra equipment : Little chair, little table  and an umbrella, headset Peltor, parrot mike (Funkamateur), Tripod. Coax RG58.