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This manual shows you how to upload logs to GMA to be valid for the Belgian Castles & Fortresses Award (BCA). Before proceeding it’s important you register your main callsign (without / or any other adds) at GMA. This is a necessary one time action.

Logs have to be saved at your PC in .ADI format.

In the main menu go to GMA> Import/Export


The Import/Export page is opening, choose in the Import section the 2.nd option (Activator & Chaser ADIF Import)


The ADIF-Logimport page is opening. Fill in your activated BCA reference (always in the form ON-xxxxx  ONdash5digits), the exact callsign you used during the activation, choose the .ADI file on your PC en click OK. Important : If this activation is counting for more BCA references, WWFF, IOTA, LH or SOTA, you will have the possibility to add this references later in this process !


The Step 1 Check the ADIF File window is opening. Click on “go to end of log”


Click at the bottom now on OK


REPEAT this action on the Step 2 ADIF File Import page and click OK

The Step 3 Check further references page is opening. Fill in here the additional references your activation is valid. If only for one reference valid,remain the additional boxes empty.


Now click CONFIRM , the Crossreference popupwindows is opening, click on CLOSE

In the Step 3 Check further references window click on OK

The Step 4 Update window is opening. Click on “refresh activated References” , close the popup “Triathlon Activator Check” window en click in Step 4 Update window on OK.

Your activation log is now uploaded and valid for you for the BCA Activator Award, for the chasers it’s now counted in their worked totals.


The Belgian Castles and Fortresses awards (BCA) are available for free for all licensed Radio Amateurs Worldwide.

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