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Who’s gonna be the Activator/Chaser King - Queen 2021?

Activate or work as much as possible DIFFERENT BCA references in the calendar year 2021 (01.01.2021 00:00utc until 31.12.2021 23:59utc). The ranking score is calculated from the uploaded BCA logs in GMA. When ex-aequo in references, the total amount of QSO’s (activated or chased) will point the winner. -Activation must take place in a radius of 1km around the castle reference. The valid activation area is on the maps at the BOS! Maps


-One activation can be valid for multiple WCA references

-At least 50 QSO’s have to be made during EACH activation to be valid for the activator. For hunters the activation is always valid even if not the 50 QSO quota is made by the activator

-Activators upload their logs at

Logs must be uploaded BEFORE 07.01.2022 !!! Winners will be known 08.01.2022, plaques send in the second part of January 2022. There are 3 categories : Activator King 2021, Chaser King Belgium 2021 and Chaser King World 2021. The winners in each category receives a FREE wooden wall plaque (A4 format).


The three plaques are sponsored as follows :

ACTIVATOR KING 2021 : ON3UA   Sponsored by the BCA team


CHASER KING BELGIUM 2021 : ON4AUB      Sponsored by UBA


CHASER KING WORLD 2021 : SP8LEP         Sponsored by UBA


The Belgian Castles and Fortresses awards (BCA) are available for free for all licensed Radio Amateurs Worldwide.

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